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You're In the Picture: Stories of Teen Dads.
Testimony from real teen dads and their involvement in their children's lives.
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23 minutes.
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You're In the Picture: Stories of Teen Dads

"We were in love...we made love...but we weren't careful and now we have to face the consequences - we made a little kid between us, and now we have a big problem."

"Take responsibility - every kid needs a dad." "Don't run away, be there for her." These are the stories from four "kids with kids." How do they cope with this new situation? How far away can they run before they are caught? Where do they turn for support and guidance as a teen father?

Four young men offer advice on how to keep from being a teen dad, and tell about the realities and struggles of teen fatherhood. You're In the Picture helps provide some of the answers to teen fatherhood and shows how responsible dads have chosen to "be in the picture".



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