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Voices of Survivors: Victims of Violent Crimes Speak Out.
Survivors share their stories about life after violent crimes.
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39 minutes.
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Voices of Survivors: Victims of Violent Crimes Speak Out
Four stories of survivors of rape, domestic violence and a relation of a homicide victim tell their poignant stories of life after violence.

Part One

Mary, a country music industry executive, was raped one night by a man who broke into her home.  She helped the police capture him after he left a message on her answering machine.  Although her life was turned completely upside down she found support from friends and outside activities, and discusses the importance of participating in the criminal justice system to help convict offenders.

Part Two

Mary, a survivor of domestic violence, shares her story in victim impact classes to try to help offenders understand the impact this crime had on her life.  Her abuse began with emotional and verbal violence, and when she expressed a desire to leave, her abuser's behavior escalated to physical violence.  She and her children were able to escape, and she now sees herself as a survivor, and tries to help others escape a life of violence.

Part Three

In 1984, Becky was raped by an early-release prisoner.  He kidnapped her after work, and drove her to 5 different locations, raping her repeatedly at each place. Eventually when the car got a flat tire he drove to a gas station, and Becky convinced him to untie her, and she escaped and ran into the station for help.  The police captured him the next day.  She had a great deal of support from a caring family, but found it extremely difficult to share the details of the crime in front of them in the courtroom.  Becky later became involved with a victims' rights group, and helped get a truth in sentencing law passed in her state.


Part Four

Sharon's daughter was murdered by four men who broke into her home where her two children were at the time.  The murderers were participating in a gang initiation and their instructions were to either kill someone they knew or a stranger.  During the trial when asked why the children were spared one of the offenders said "they are our future members."  Sharon has struggled to find peace since the tragedy.  She has had trouble holding down a job and was forced to file for bankruptcy.  She is bitter because two of the offenders are already out of prison and, unlike her daughter, they get a second chance.

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