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Trauma and Substance Abuse.
Examines the correlation between substance abuse and a history of trauma.
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86 minutes.
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Trauma and Substance Abuse

Clinical studies of patients in substance abuse treatment programs have shown a high correlation with a client history of trauma. The schism between the trauma and substance abuse treatment fields has meant that patients have been forced to bounce back and forth between PTSD and substance abuse treatment programs, and often are viewed as poor-prognosis. Now, however, model programs are being developed that seek to treat these problems in an integrated fashion. This video series describes the special trauma and substance abuse treatment issues that this dual diagnosis presents. Four survivors of child abuse and/or combat relate how trauma and substance abuse have impacted their lives.

Trauma and Substance Abuse I: Therapeutic Approaches – 46 minutes
Schism Between Substance Abuse and PTSD Fields
Prevalence of Substance Abuse among Trauma Survivors
Psychological Symptoms
Legal and Medical Problems
Stages of Treatment
Therapy with VA Clients
New Treatment Models

Trauma and Substance Abuse II: Special Treatment Issues – 40 minutes
The Therapeutic Relationship
Codependency and Therapist Self-Care
Crises and Relapses
Twelve-Step Programs
Therapist Characteristics and Training
Positive Effects of Treatment

Curriculum included.

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