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ThinkDrink: Bystander Empowerment and Prevention - Greek Version.
High Risk Drinking Prevention for college .
Item No.: TH28
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30 minutes.
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ThinkDrink: Bystander Empowerment and Prevention - Greek Version

ThinkDrink: Bystander Empowerment and Prevention

Marnie's got an attitude and Amrit's got an agenda. Reach your students with this highly engaging MTV style, educational sit-com full of social media references with a meaningful twist at the end. This film takes educational videos to an entirely new level. The plot line is intersected by "film shorts" with research driven embedded messaging to include each facet of the core issues to reduce risk and improve decision-making.

If you need a new way to start the conversation around alcohol, there are plenty of entry memorable entry-points from which to choose in ThinkDrink. Reach your students with believable situations and real-life characters so that they see themselves in the situation negotiating real life choices.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Understand how to approach friends who are drinking illegally or in a high risk way.
  2. Understand how you can make a difference, whether you are a drinking or a non-drinker.
  3. Learn the amount of alcohol contained in various drinks.
  4. Learn the impact of alcohol on the brain and body.
  5. Learn the impact of alcohol on sports performance.
  6. Understand the short term and long term consequences of alcohol consumption.
  7. Understand what medical attention is necessary for someone who has alcohol poisoning.
  8. Learn the signs of alcohol poisoning.

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