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Tensions et conflicts (Conflict Management TS).
French language version of 6 training scenes from The Respectful Workplace Series.
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18 minutes.
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Tensions et conflicts (Conflict Management TS)

Tensions et conflicts (Conflict Resolution Training Scenes, French Version) is intended to provide trainers, managers and employees with a resource to use in developing conflict resolution skills. The scenes will help employees and supervisors diffuse difficult situations, avoid escalation, improve individual and team performance, and know when a hostile interaction crosses the line and becomes a safety issue.

Program Contents

Tensions et conflicts (Conflict Resolution Training Scenes, French Version) consist of 6 dramatizations, each followed by a discussion of the issues presented.

The issues addressed include:


  • valuing differences among team members
  • keeping stereotypes from coloring perceptions
  • communicating to diffuse hostile situations
  • working together in a downsizing organization
  • mediating disputes between employees
  • settling conflicts that have become personal
  • clarifying organizational values
  • looking to our interests, not our positions
  • resolving conflicts between employees and their supervisors
  • hearing the other side in a dispute
  • identifying help within your organization


Facilitator's Guide included.

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