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The Total Student Wellness Seminar Series.
The complete 10-part series by Kate Koestner and Campus Outreach Services.
Item No.: SW11
Price: $149.00
750 minutes.
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The Total Student Wellness Seminar Series

Intermedia is proud to present The Total Student Wellness Seminar Series. These DVDs are recordings of interactive Webinars (Internet Seminars) conducted by Katie Koestner's Campus Outreach Services. Each 75-minute DVD* is chaptered and features an assortment of nationally recognized experts and authorities on various topics. These programs are excellent for in-service workshops, parent nights, professional development and more!

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Series Titles (Available for $49.99 each)

Substance Use and Addictions - Covers common stumbling blocks when addressing addiction with teens and the most up-to-date research on warning signs & symptoms of drug use. Features Liz Jorgenson, a nationally known specialist and consultant on adolescent drug issues, and Dr. Linda Hancock, the assistant director of health education at VA Commonwealth University.

High Risk Drinking - Understand the internal & external reasons why alcohol is used and abused by teenager as well as specific warning signs of which to be aware. Features Matt Bellace, comedian, national public speaker and psychologist, as well as Michigan State University's Director of Health Education and Dr. David Hanson, alcohol specialist and researcher expert.

Healthy Relationships & Sexual Assault - Dispels common myths about rape & covers ways to empower teens to have respectful relationships. Panelists discuss ways to help a rape survivor and how to recognize signs of unhealthy relationships. Features Dr. Patti Feuereisen, author of Invisible Girls, and others!

Bullying & Harassment - Because of the availability of digital devices, teens can now be bullied even when they are not in school. This DVD features two national bullying prevention experts & a mother who took a stand to stop her child from being bullied.

Technology & Cyber-Dangers - Teens can encounter many privacy & safety issues online and social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook are becoming "must haves" according to today's teens. Our presenters, including Adam Kenner, founder of the New York City School IT Directors Association and Katie Koestner, Executive Director of Campus Outreach Services, provide insights on the ways predators are targeting teens & how teens are using technology. Guidance for appropriate use of technology is provided.

Learning Differences - Panelists from renowned educational institutions outline practical approaches to effective studying, time-budgeting, & coping with academic stresses in general. One featured presenter is Harold Meyer, the Founder of the ADD Resource Center headquartered in New York City.

Body Image & Eating Disorders - Features a powerful story of a woman who was able to overcome her eating disorder that began in middle school and continued through college. A representative from the nationally recognized Renfrew Center covers the most compelling research on prevention and intervention techniques for teens. The media's influence on body image is also examined.

Diversity & Difference - Many forms of diversity including race, gender, sexual orientation, & religion are considered by panelists from a variety of national organizations. The seminar also reviews the difficulties these groups face and how to help teens recognize and appreciate these differences.

Parenting Rights & Responsibilities - Consideration of the major transition periods in a student's life is provided by Cammie Bertram, an education consultant who has worked with families in the Northeast for over 30 years. Sheila Fleishman, the Director of Judicial Affairs for Drexel University, covers the top reasons why students end up in her office during their first year of college and the rights parents have when their children are at college. The personal liability of parents with respect to the doings of their children is presented by Jim Fiske, Vice President for Personal Coverage at Chubb Insurance.

Mental Health & Depression - Hear from the dynamic founder the National Mental Health Awareness Campaign, Ross Szabo, and the personal testimony of Martha Velasquez, as well as Dr. David Calvin, a mental health specialist and counselor at the University of South Carolina, about current research & trends about depression. The presenters highlight key risk factors and parenting strategies as students head off to college.



Facilitation Guide on Each DVD included.

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Violence Prevention: Dating Violence
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