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High Risk Drinking.
Part of the Total Student Wellness Seminar Series by Campus Outreach Services.
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75 minutes.
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High Risk Drinking
Intermedia is proud to present The Total Student Wellness Seminar Series. These DVDs are recordings of interactive Webinars (Internet Seminars) conducted by Katie Koestner's Campus Outreach Services. Each 75-minute DVD* is chaptered and features an assortment of nationally recognized experts and authorities on various topics. These programs are excellent for in-service workshops, parent nights, professional development and more!

High Risk Drinking - Understand the internal & external reasons why alcohol is used and abused by teenager as well as specific warning signs of which to be aware. Features Matt Bellace, comedian, national public speaker and psychologist, as well as Michigan State University's Director of Health Education and Dr. David Hanson, alcohol specialist and researcher expert.

*Requires Windows Media Player


Facilitation Guide on Each DVD included.


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