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Succeeding at Work.
Excellent ice breaker for new employees a-la Star Trek.
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18 minutes.
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Succeeding at Work

What does it take to succeed at work?

Do your employees know where your organization is going and how they fit in?

Are they clear on how their success at work will be measured?

Do they understand your organization's "culture" and core workplace values?

How do you expect them to treat their colleagues?

How should they treat their internal and external customers?

Who is ultimately responsible for their success?

The success of new employees is often determined in their first few weeks at work. Once hired, it is essential that they clearly understand what is expected of them and what they must do to succeed. Their orientation process must go beyond explaining benefits and specific job skills. They need to understand the mission and culture of their organization and how they fit in.

Succeeding at Work - The Adventure Begins is a video-based orientation package designed to help organizations explore these critical questions with their new employees.

Program Objectives

Succeeding at Work - The Adventure Begins is intended to help new employees in public and private sector organizations explore the behaviors and interpersonal skills that will be essential to their success. After viewing the program and working through the printed support materials, employees will have a clearer idea of...


  • their organization's mission
  • their performance objectives
  • their organization's core workplace values
  • policies on harassment and diversity
  • appearance and punctuality standards
  • respectful communications issues
  • customer service practices
  • the need to take responsibility for their own success


Program Contents

Succeeding at Work - The Adventure Begins takes place aboard the Space Cruiser Success as it rockets through the galaxies. As the story unfolds, the crew learns valuable lessons about how they should treat each other, communicate with each other, serve their internal and external customers and value the diverse skills and backgrounds they each bring with them.

Succeeding at Work - The Adventure Begins is entertaining and insightful. A great deal of information is covered in a relatively short time. We introduce a fascinating and diverse crew of humans and aliens, each with strengths and challenges that will look strangely familiar to us.

The program is divided into modular segments making it easy to further explore the issues raised, moving from the general principals outlined in the video to the specific practices at your workplace. You can run the video straight through, or stop and start it as a tool to trigger more in-depth study and discussion on each topic. The program is designed to be flexible and can be easily adapted to fit your organization's needs and time constraints.


Succeeding at Work - The Adventure Begins can be easily customized at 6 points throughout the video so you can address issues and policies specific to your organization - right on the tape. Just send us your information, logo, video footage, a welcoming message from your CEO or other leader, and we can customize the program to look like it was made just for you. All of this can be done at a very reasonable cost.

Support Materials

Succeeding at Work - The Adventure Begins comes with a comprehensive Facilitator's Guide. You can also choose to purchase workbooks that come in convenient 3-ring binders for your new employees, making it easy to customize these as well.

Facilitator's Guide included.

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