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Shaping Youngest Minds.
A program about how children's minds develop .
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24 minutes.
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Shaping Youngest Minds

We now understand that at birth, the brain is very much a work in progress. Human contact helps "grow" the brain. A mother comforting her baby, a father playing peek-a-boo, and a caregiver reading to a child are all shaping youngest minds. Love boosts brainpower.


  • How stories, song and conversation are critical to "growing" a brain.
  • Why comforting a crying infant helps teach emotional self-regulation.
  • How a loving touch helps shape future human relationships.
  • How parental depression can be contagious.
  • How attachments to parents, family, and caregivers actually shape youngest minds.
  • How experience begins in the womb. A one-pound fetus already has 100 billion brain cells.


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