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The Sexual Assault Prevention Package.
A 3 DVD package of popular sexual assault prevention titles.
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39 minutes.
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The Sexual Assault Prevention Package

Here is a collection of some of our recent sexual assault prevention program releases.

Playing the Game 2, the highly anticipated remake of the early 1990's sexual assault prevention classic, explores the issue of sexual assault and date rape. It highlights the cost of the crime to the perpetrator, and explores the dynamics of sexuality, communication and alcohol use in a manner intended to provoke meaningful discussion by viewers.

Like the original, Playing the Game 2 was written and produced by Dr. Robin Sawyer, an Associate Professor at the University of Maryland's School of Public Health, and a nationally known expert on sexual violence among college students and student-athletes

Someone You Know  Across the United States women are being sexually assaulted and then blamed for it. Violence against women has been silenced for too long, and "Someone You Know" brings it out into the open. Created by anthropology professor, Jesse Dizard, it looks closely at the troubling realities of sexual assault, particularly on college campuses, and features sexual assault survivors, students, counselors, and campus police who help create awareness and dialogue about the severity and ubiquity of this crime

ReThink Rape, is a new, evidence-informed program was created by a team of State University of New York professionals and students. The goal was to create an educational DVD to address victim-blaming language and attitudes. The program re-frames the issue of sexual violence away from blaming the victim to placing responsibility on perpetrators. This short program is an excellent catalyst for discussion and includes a brief summary of Dr. David Lisak's research on undetected rapists, the de-bunking of common rape myths and information on how to recognize and respond to common victim-blaming language. This is an important new educational tool for shifting perceptions on sexual assault and placing responsibility on the perpetrators.

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