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Sex Smart for Teens Complete 3 Volume Series.
An award-winning teen pregnancy prevenion series.
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88 minutes.
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Sex Smart for Teens Complete 3 Volume Series
How can you reach out to media-savvy teens? By keeping them entertained while delivering your important sexual health message. That's the idea behind Sex Smart for Teens. This new, culturally relevant 3-volume video set will help you add impact and accuracy to your sex education program. Using a respectful, positive and humorous tone, this hip series helps you get through to today's teens, inspiring them to make healthy choices.

Volume 1: Abstinence
How can you make sure your teen clients don't tune out the abstinence message? Show them that abstinence is a healthy and realistic goal without lecturing or using scare tactics. This volume effectively covers sensitive subjects like saying no and having ‘the talk' with parents.

Topics include:
# What Is Abstinence?...Why Choose Abstinence?
# Virginity...Renewed Virginity
# Media Messages...Self-esteem
# Peer Pressure...Smart Dating Ideas
# Drugs and Alcohol...Communication...Refusal Skills

Volume 2: Birth Control
Teens need honest information about birth control. Without encouraging sexual activity, this volume clearly presents the facts, including information on all the new methods. Plus, your viewers will appreciate the up-front advice on partner communication and finding a teen-friendly clinic. It's the kind of straight talk you won't find in other videos.

Topics include:
# Birth Control Myths...Why Use Birth Control?
# Communication...Visiting a Clinic...How to Choose a Birth Control Method
# Abstinence...Over-the-Counter Methods
# The Pill...Patch...Ring...Depo-Provera...Other Prescription Methods
# Methods Not Recommended for Teens

Volume 3: Sexually Transmitted Infections
STIs have the ability to change lives. So shouldn't your presentation be every bit as powerful? With an emphasis on prevention, this program shows teens how an "it won't happen to me" attitude is too risky today. By really making it personal, this volume grabs and holds the viewer's attention.

Topics include:
# How STIs Are Transmitted...Who's Infected?
# Partner Communication...General STI Symptoms
# Gonorrhea...Chlamydia...Syphilis...Trich...Crabs
# HIV...Transmittal...Personal Story
# HPV...Herpes...Hepatitis B
# STI Testing...Prevention


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