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Parenting BASICS - Birth to 6 Months.
A 6 DVD collections covering important parenting topics.
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65 minutes.
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Parenting BASICS - Birth to 6 Months

This all-new Parenting BASICS.6-DVD library, increases engagement and retention by providing essential information in short 10 to 12 minute productions.  Written with a focus on health-literacy and featuring real families that reflect the clients you teach. These programs show young parents how to make healthy choices for themselves and their children.

Suitable for both teen and adult parents!

  • Focused- Provides just the information parents need,when they need it.
  • Clear & Actionable - Uses simple language to give practical, "how-to" information.
  • Current - Includes a modern style and today's families to hold viewer's attention.

The 6 DVDs included in this Set:

Nutrition covers breast feeding basics, safe bottle feeding and solid food readiness.

Health & Safety examines well baby visits, signs of illness and keeping your baby safe.

Emotion Health and Positive Discipline looks at ways to make a baby feel safe, staying calm and comforting a crying baby.

Play & Milestones looks at the importance of play, milestones from birth to 6 months and how to play with a baby.

Self Care for Moms covers the importance of self care, postpartum emotions and healthy relationships.

Fatherhood examines what babies need from dad, new father emotions and healthy relationships.








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