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PATTERNS Training Scenes.
8 training scenes from the PATTERNS series.
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PATTERNS Training Scenes

Program Objectives

PATTERNS - Sexual Harassment Training Scenes is intended to provide trainers, managers and employees with a resource to use in addressing the behavioral issues that lead to sexual harassment at work. These scenes look at common patterns of harassing behavior on the part of employees and managers and common management responses to that behavior.

Program Contents

PATTERNS - Sexual Harassment Training Scenes consists of 8 dramatizations, most followed by a "rewind" where the scene is reenacted using improved skills resulting in a more positive outcome.

The scenes include:

  • The Habitual Harasser
  • The Bully
  • The Smitten Harasser
  • The Jilted Harasser
  • The Ostrich
  • The Chameleon
  • The Mother Hen
  • The Wounded Tiger


Support Materials

This volume of The QMR Training Scenes Library comes with a facilitator's guide and handouts. With the purchase of the program, QMR grants you license to make as many copies of the Guides or handout/transparency pages as you need for your organization's use.

Training Applications

QMR Training Scenes can be used in a variety of training applications:

For the professional trainer, it can be a valuable resource to plug into or enhance an existing training program. It can also be used for short refresher courses, to revisit training that has already been completed.

For the supervisor or manager, it can provide a modular tool to focus on-site training sessions around workplace issues. As the training function becomes decentralized in many organizations, such tools are increasingly useful.

Because each scene can be an independent unit, QMR Training Scenes can be the basis of a weekly (monthly) work group discussion around a variety of issues. The resource is flexible, easy to use and can be adapted to a wide range of training applications.

Facilitator's Guide included.

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