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No Way Out But One.
A powerful program about family courts and custody.
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60 minutes.
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No Way Out But One
This compelling and powerful new program from Garland Waller, producer of Small Justice, is the story of Holly Collins who became an international fugitive in 1994 when she grabbed her three children and went on the run. A family court in Minnesota had ignored Holly's charges, her broken nose, the children's pleas, her son's fractured skull, and other medical evidence of domestic violence. The court gave full custody of two of her children to Holly's ex-husband, and it was at that point that Holly realized that she and the children had No Way Out But One.

In what has become an incredible saga, Holly eventually fled the United States, and became the first U. S. citizen to be granted asylum by the government of Netherlands. She lived a quiet, low profile life for the next 14 years, until FBI agents found her. Hoping to return Holly to the United States to face kidnapping charges, they interviewed her now-grown children who told the agents that far from being their kidnapper, their mother was, instead, their savior and their hero.

This extraordinary story once again exposes the broken family court system in the United States, and emphasizes the continuing need for the court's reform. It is a powerful tool for advocates and all who want to end family abuse.

  • IVAT Award - Media Excellence
  • Bare Bones Film Festival - Official Selection
  • The Accolade Film Awards - Feature Documentary: Award of Excellence
  • Telly Awards - Short Form Documentary
  • Unspoken Film Festival - Human Rights Best Documentary Short
  • The Indie Awards - Award of Merit

"'No Way Out But One' is a compelling account of exactly why the family court system in the United States needs to be completely overhauled. It is not acceptable that in order to protect her children, the choices a mother must make right now are to allow them to continue to be abused, or break the law and become a fugitive. The safety of the children and mother must be the primary goal of any custody decision, and until that becomes a reality, many more mothers will be faced with this terrible choice. ‘No Way Out But One' shares one such story with great compassion and clarity."

Rita Smith, Executive Director, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

"This evocative film describes one woman's battle to protect her children and puts into relief a family court system that too often aids in abusing the children it is duty-bound to protect. This film is essential viewing for anyone who cares about families and children."

Joyanna Silberg, PH. D., Executive Vice-President, Leadership Council on Child Abuse & Interpersonal Violence

"This stunning documentary portrays the journey of Holly Collins, who fled in desperation from Minnesota to the Netherlands to protect her children from their father. Having abused Holly throughout their marriage, he collaborated with lawyers and other family court agents to label Holly as a ‘parental alienator' and to gain custody of their children. This story is guaranteed to shock and infuriate you. I hope it does, but I also hope it will inspire many people to become involved in the growing movement to combat family court abuse of battered women and their children."

Mo Therese Hannah, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Siena College, Licensed Psychologist, and Chair and Founder of Battered Mothers Custody Conference

"We tell our children that they are unique, special, and that if anyone hurts them, they should tell and keep on telling so they can be helped. What if a judge refuses to listen and gives the children to the abuser? The quiet flame that lights ‘No Way Out But One' is Holly Collin's courage and fierce determination to protect her children from the violent abuse they were suffering in their father's home. Fundamental changes in Family Courts are necessary if we are truly committed to protecting child and adult victims of violence and sexual abuse."

Eileen King, Regional Director Justice For Children

"A compelling new documentary...that will open your eyes to a stunning injustice." 

Boston Magazine Daily Blog by Sara Edwards

"Filmmaker Garland Waller has done it again. ‘No Way Out But One' is a powerful, disturbing and spot-on indictment of the broken U.S. family court system. Holly Collins' tragic tale will undoubtedly disturb everyone who believes in the integrity of the U.S. justice system, and hopefully, this film will inspire viewers to join the growing international family court reform movement."

Kathleen Russell, Executive Director, Center for Judicial Excellence


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