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Millennium Coaching & Performance Feedback.
3-program series discussing Coaching and performance feedback.
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86 minutes.
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Millennium Coaching & Performance Feedback



  • The Leader as Coach (15 minutes)
  • Providing Performance Feedback (15 minutes)
  • Coaching & Performance Feedback Training Scenes (8 dramatizations, 7 minutes each)


Coaching and performance feedback are emerging as two of the central skills needed by those leading their organizations into the 21st century. In work environments where conditions change quickly - where new technologies, new processes, new products and new partners require that employees continuously learn, it is essential that we all have ways of measuring how we are doing, of reinforcing successful performance and of correcting where improvement is needed.

This 3 part series of programs from Quality Media Resources is designed to help team leaders, supervisors, managers and others in the workplace learn the skills needed to provide on-going, effective feedback to their team members and the coaching skills needed to maximize employee potential.

MILLENNIUM - Coaching & Performance Feedback Series is a comprehensive learning tool. It comes complete with handouts and facilitation materials and can be used for self-directed individual study or for facilitated group learning.

Series Objectives

MILLENNIUM - Coaching & Performance Feedback Series is a 3 part training resource designed to assist managers, supervisors and team leaders in their efforts to draw a bridge between the management skills they need and the leadership concepts their organizations are embracing.

Program Contents

"The Leader as Coach" investigates the coaching skills which are vital to any organization’s learning and success. Topics include:


  • Coaching in the 21st century organization.
  • What does a coach do?
  • Effective coaching.
  • Who can coach whom?
  • The leader as coach.


"Providing Performance Feedback" explores the skills needed to support employee development in learning organizations. Topics include:


  • The fear factor.
  • What is performance feedback?
  • How do you best provide performance feedback?
  • Who should provide feedback to whom?
  • Feedback and Leadership.


"Coaching & Performance Feedback Training Scenes" consists of 8 short dramatizations:


  • Scenario #1 - Always Late addresses chronic performance issues, accommodating personal challenges and appropriate peer feedback.
  • Scenario #2 - I Like Things Just As They Are investigates workplace fear and resistance to change.
  • Scenario #3 - GREAT Stuff looks at positive performance feedback, coaching exceptional employees and creating learning environments.
  • Scenario #4 - Attitude explores overcoming peer cynicism as well as peer coaching for managers.
  • Scenario #5 - Maximizing Potential deals with coaching under-performing employees and coaching more experienced team members.
  • Scenario #6 - Do You Smell Something? focuses on counseling around personal issues and uncomfortable situations.
  • Scenario #7 - Lest I Offend You discusses feedback and discrimination concerns and the impacts of delayed feedback.
  • Scenario #8 - 360¡ Feedback looks at how to receive feedback as a team leader.


Facilitator's Guide included.


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