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Meth Sex & STDs.
A look at the destructive relationshio between meth, sex and STDs.
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24 minutes.
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Meth Sex & STDs
This fascinating educational documentary concentrates on the integral and destructive relationship between meth, sex and STD's. Methamphetamine is a powerful, toxic, man-made stimulant that is also extremely addictive. Users often become addicts within a week and quickly experience a profound energized sexual appetite, which becomes powerful word-of-mouth advertising among unsuspecting teens. Tragically, users start down a long road that is fraught with reckless sexual behavior, crime, mental illness, STD's and ultimately sexual impotency. The psychological problems that accompany meth use over time frequently include declining interest in "normal sex" which leads to a proliferation of behavior that is often perverse and illegal, such as abusing children, in order to become aroused. Meth-sex is often very rough, and genital tears and abrasions resulting from prolonged sex increase the chance that HIV or an STD will be passed between partners. Injecting the drug frequently leads to sharing of the needles, syringes and other supplies where HIV and viral hepatitis can be passed. All of this is accompanied by drug-induced feelings of invincibility and paranoia, which keeps people from seeking the medical care they need.

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