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The Complete 10 Part Maple Ave Series.
An award-winning series that examines a variety of teen issues.
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173 minutes.
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The Complete 10 Part Maple Ave Series

Purchase all seven of the programs in the Maple Ave Series and save! (Also available separately) The Following is a list of what's included in the seven-part series: 

JENNY'S REASONS: A Story About Teen Depression

The first episode of the award-winning series, "Maple Ave" bridges the gap between education and entertainment.  "Jenny's Reasons" provides a haunting look at teen depression, and the often unwitting family dynamics that surround it. This powerful, award-winning short finds its main character, Jenny, in the throes of clinical depression, unable to understand the reasons she "feels so bad all the time". Deeply confused and desperately overwhelmed, Jenny makes plans to end her life - plans that are ultimately thwarted when her best friend, Tanya, confronts her and shares a dark secret of her own.  20:30 minutes

GHOSTS IN THE HALL: The Aftermath of Bullying

The second episode in the award-winning "Maple Ave" series focuses on teen bullying and the tragedies which can occur when parents, as well as their teens, label one another unfairly. Jim has reached the point of violence after being the victim of incessant bullying, but, unfortunately, his family is not able to help him cope with his problems, and things get progressively worse. In contrast, Jenny's family engages in healthy communication as they cope with their concerns following Jenny's period of depression.  (See "Jenny's Reasons".)  23 minutes

THE HURTING: Cutting for Relief

In this award-winning third episode of the "Maple Ave" series Ashley resorts to "cutting" to cope with an abusive father, who has regularly victimized her family as long as she can remember. Like a growing number of teens nationwide, Ashley regularly self-mutilates, cutting her arms and legs, and substituting her overwhelming inner pain and rage with an external pain that she is seemingly better able to manage. This last illusion is finally dispelled in a heart-wrenching finale that finds a desperate Ashley reaching out for help to Ms. Tanner, a sympathetic teacher. 22 minutes

P.S. I MISS YOU: The Aftermath of Suicide

This award-winning fourth episode of the "Maple Ave" series focuses on Tanya, and the toll her family situation has taken on her in the year and a half following her older brother's suicide. During this time, Tanya has been coping by helping others, but gradually this proves to be inadequate, and she turns to drinking to ease her pain while also experiencing haunting dreams about her dead brother. Ultimately, things get out of control and her best friend, Jenny intervenes to get her friend some much-needed help.  22 minutes

HATING TAMI: A Look At Female Bullying

In this fifth episode of the award-winning series, "Maple Ave" Angela and her friends take every opportunity to make Tami's life miserable, even using a social networking site to pose as a boy interested in Tami. We are also introduced to Tami and Angela's respective parents, who providing clues to their daughters' behavior and their own life stressors. Tami's hyper-competitive parents continually pressure their "A"-student daughter to be the best at everything, and Angela's single mom appears more interested in being her daughter's best friend than in being her parent. In addition, Ms. Hutchinson, a sympathetic teacher has been attempting to reach out to Tami, but finds her reluctant to open up. In a tramatic turn of events, Angela's cruel prank is uncovered - but is it too late?       26 minutes

MORE THAN THIS: Steroid Abuse & Eating Disorders

The sixth episode in the award-winning, series "Maple Ave", finds Donnie living in the shadow of his older brother's past athletic glories, and turning to steroid abuse to help him "measure up" on the basketball court.  Not long after, he finds his life slowly spinning out of control as his Angela, his girlfriend, tries in vain to help him kick his addiction.  Angela is also struggling to convince her friends, Dara and Lucy, that, contrary to what they've read on the internet, anorexia and bulimia are not 'lifestyle choices' but, instead, serious medical disorders. Angela once struggled with bulimia, but now finds herself reluctant to share this potentially helpful fact with her two misguided friends.  Jack, Donnie's coach is also struggling with whether he should intervene in what he suspects may be Donnie's steroid problem. However, once Jack's sister reminds him of her own son's tragic loss to drugs, he is forced to reconsider his position. Focusing on body image issues via steroid abuse and eating disorders, "More Than This" also strongly emphasizes the importance of doing right by others - even when it is personally difficult.  27 minutes

 Promise Me: Parents with Addictions

In the 7th episode, Ann is forced to face the grim reality that her father's addiction to gambling and her mother's addition to alcohol are slowly destroying the family. While her older brother Mike's quiet stoicism is sorely tested by their mother's denial of reality, Ann's own reluctance to confront her parents is also an issue. After Ann's father gambles away her college fund, she can no longer avoid the truth, and becomes deeply depressed. Her brother and best friend, Tami, sense that something is wrong, and hope they will be in time to avert a potential tragedy. 18 MinutesL

Loves Me Not: Dating Violence

The 8th installment in the Award-Winning MAPLE AVE series, Loves Me Not focuses on teen dating and domestic violence from the point of view of a 17 year old deceased victim named Cari. Cari was relentlessly beaten by her boyfriend, Marcos and so viciously bullied by his friends after leaving him that she, ultimately, took her own life. Now Cari finds herself helplessly watching the same thing happen all over again to another girl, Sharon (Marcos' new girlfriend). Between her manipulative and violent boyfriend and her self-absorbed parents, Sharon would appear to have the deck stacked against her - but her best friend, Tina refuses to give up on her. Even as Sharon pushes her away, Tina desperately searches for a way to save her friend from meeting the same fate as Cari.

After I'm Gone 

The 9th MAPLE AVE episode, ‘After I'm Gone' takes a revealing and insightful look at teen suicide from the perspective of Cari (see ‘Loves Me Not'); a young girl who appears to have taken her life due to relentless abuse from her parents and peers. As Cari observes life from the other side, she meets Christine, an older more rebellious spirit, who reluctantly acts as her guide and confidante. Together they observe Michael, an artist friend of Cari's, who has also been the victim of bullying and abusive parents. As a desperate Michael begins to contemplate suicide, a helpless Cari is suddenly forced to revisit her own nightmares,...and find a way home. 

Edge Street: Turn the Road

In this 10th and final Emmy® Nominated MAPLE AVE Series installment, teen ghost Christine Dawn has her hands full when the spirit of a student recently killed by a distracted driver needs her help to find closure for his embittered, grieving sister. When Christine discovers that the distracted driver was a fellow student, she knows she has her work cut out for her in a High School turned upside down by tragedy.







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