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La Guerra En Casa .
A new Spanish DVD with English Subtitles about Domestic Violence .
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19 minutes.
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La Guerra En Casa

The War At Home, La Guerra En Casa is a new program in Spanish with English subtitles that tells the powerful stories of domestic violence survivors from the Hispanic community. A victim advocate and batterer treatment therapist, as well as a former batterer, discuss domestic violence and ways to prevent it.

The survivors include Anna whose husband threatened to report her to immigration if she left. Although it was difficult to leave, she knew she had to do it for her daughter's sake, and is now teaching her the importance of self-esteem and healthy relationships. When Theodora, another survivor, came to the United States with her husband his behavior changed, and he became very jealous and abusive. She stayed in the relationship many years because she didn't think she could support the children without him. A domestic violence shelter helped Aida who grew up thinking a woman must stay with her husband forever. The shelter helped her get out, and stay out, of the abusive relationship.


Also featured are Antonio Ramírez, founder of the Training Center to Eradicate Masculine Intrafamily Violence. He teaches batterers to reject the aspects of their culture that accept domestic violence, and invites men who successfully finish the program to stay on as facilitators, further reinforcing what they have already learned. Luis, a former batterer speaks candidly about his past, and admits that he used violence to gain control of his partner. He entered a batterer treatment program for three years, was under an intensive probation program, and now works as one of Antonio's facilitators. Victim advocate, Grace discusses batterer's tactics, why victims stay, and the importance of taking precautions when leaving a relationship.

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