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Domestic Violence: Danger Assessment & Safety Planning.
A comprehensive training program about domestic violence.
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72 minutes.
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Domestic Violence: Danger Assessment & Safety Planning

This program is a valuable resource for police, prosecutors, probation officers, victim advocates and batterer intervention counselors when conducting domestic violence danger assessments, and doing safety planning with survivors of domestic violence. This 72 minute DVD, presented in chapters,  provide guidance on how to deal with victims, and with perpetrators.

The first scene shows a police officer interviewing a victim at home, and the second scene depicts a victim advocate interviewing the same victim.  The third scene shows a police officer interviewing a different victim at her place of work, and the next scene depicts a prosecutor and victim witness advocate interviewing the same victim.  Finally a police officer is shown interviewing and arresting a perpetrator.

The interviewers are actual police officers, community-based victim advocates, prosecutors and prosecutor-based victim advocates, and experienced victim advocates portray the victims.  Each scene is followed by narration and graphics that identify helpful practices when doing danger assessments with victims. 

Topics covered include:

  • How to establish rapport with victims
  • How to recognize and respond sensitively to victim trauma
  • How ask follow-up questions about the level of danger to the victim
  • How to provide useful information to victims. 

The final two scenes highlight methods for interviewing perpetrators and provide overall guidelines on creating effect danger-assessment practices.




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