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The Downward Spiral.
Oxycontin and Opiate Addiction.
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19 minutes.
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The Downward Spiral

Oxycontin abuse has grown faster than the abuse of any other prescription drug in decades according to the DEA. The drug is as addictive than heroin as it affects the brain and the body in the same way as heroin. Thousands of people have been affected, often fatally, by the misuse of this drug, a time-released painkiller. Many began taking the pills for a medical condition, and end up getting hooked. Others who take opiates for “recreation” think it’s “just another feel-good pill,” only to find that it is a “take-over-your-life” pill.

This gripping documentary takes you to the streets for an unblinking look at how opiates can lead to addiction. One of the world’s leading pain management experts explains how addiction happens and licensed chemical dependency counselors – former addicts themselves – show how to escape the grip of addiction, and where to go for help. The painful stories of young addicts will leave a powerful impression on viewers.


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