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Digital Blackout.
A high school experiments with disengaging from social media for one week.
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Digital Blackout

Digital Blackout is equal parts intriguing documentary, motivation for a fun challenge, and fascinating social experiment for the 21st century. 

This documentary, by the producers of Gum in My Hair and Wild Wild Web, tells the story of a high school that conducted a "Social Experiment." They challenged their student body (and faculty) to put away the Facebook and Twitter, the text and instant messaging, and record their experience.

This eye opening program highlights:

  • The astounding amount of time that we routinely devote to online social networks
  • The face-to-face experiences and real friendships that the internet has maybe devalued
  • The stress brought on by our over-connectedness
  • And (yes!) the many benefits of our digitally inter-connected world that one rightly misses during a Blackout.

Digital Blackout includes everything needed for a school or youth group to organize its own 1-, 3- or 7-day Blackout, recruit participants through Facebook and Twitter (irony duly noted), notify the local media of their experiment, and document the results using journals, videos, surveys and blog.


Comprehensive guide included.

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