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Cyber-Smarts for School Administrators.
A new training program for School Administrators the internet and other technology.
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60 minutes.
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Cyber-Smarts for School Administrators

What is a Hotornot rating and how can it affect a student's self-esteem?  Have any of your staff members received MySpace messages from students?  What is the difference between a Facebook "Poke" and a Facebook "Photo Tag"?  What are current blog topics of choice among teens? What is archive.org and how can it affect college admission decisions?  

What are the consequences of video phone technology in the academic setting, and do students understand them?  What is the purpose of BitTorrent Programs and how can the use of such programs create liability for students and schools?  How can X-Box live outings affect students' interpersonal and language skills? How do predators use MySpace, Facebook, and Xanga to locate their next targets? 

Cyber-Smarts for School Administrators  effectively bridges the gap between adults and today's cyber-generation caused by the explosive growth of the Internet, video games, and other popular technologies.  These technologies have revolutionized youth social scenes in ways we are only beginning to understand and unfortunately many of us have been left behind, completely unaware of the potential risks offered by these devices and the Internet

This program Requires Windows Media Player

Access to Elctronic Workbook included.

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