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Complex PTSD in Children.
Describes the assessment tools and therapeutic approaches in working with children with complex PTSD.
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Complex PTSD in Children

"What we really need to do to help these children is not that difficult, it's not that hard. It's something that could conceivably be available in every school system, available to every child: someone who can empathically listen to what the child is saying and work towards having them establish an environment of some safety."- Joyanna Silberg

This video series describes the assessment tools and therapeutic approaches that the presenters have found most useful in working with complex PTSD in children. The clinician's role in such cases often includes working with parents or guardians as well as children with complex PTSD, and can extend far beyond the therapy room to encompass psychoeducation and advocacy.

Complex PTSD in Children I: Etiology, Assessment, Advocacy - 41 minutes
Incidence and Effects of Trauma
Importance of Early Intervention
Trauma reenactment
Assessing the Parents
Evaluating the Children
Roles of the Therapist

Complex PTSD in Children II: Therapeutic Interventions - 43 minutes
Stabilization and Safety
Establishing Internal Safety
Learning to Talk in Therapy
Working with Parents as Partners
Processing the Trauma
The Use of EMDR
Group Work
Therapist Self-Care

Curriculum included.

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