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Significant Event Childhood Trauma.
Part of the Understanding Childhood Trauma Series.
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29 minutes.
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Significant Event Childhood Trauma
Sometimes a single significant event can cause trauma in the life of a child. Such events include the death of a parent or sibling, parental divorce, violence, and natural disasters. If not addressed, significant-event childhood trauma will negatively affect normal and healthy childhood development.

Typical effects of trauma are the alarm state, re-experiencing, emotional memory, avoidance, and dissociation. Effective intervention involves openness and honesty, nurturance, and the frank discussion of details.

Over time and with compassionate care and intervention, children can recover from a traumatic childhood event and be better prepared for similar losses and other trauma later in life.

Program segments include Significant Event Trauma Effects, Targeting Resources, In the Classroom, Divorce, Single Parents, Addiction, Violence, and Intervention.

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