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Child Custody and the Courts Training Package.
A collection of our popular titles relating to battered women and child custody cases.
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146 minutes.
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Child Custody and the Courts Training Package

This special Educational Package contains 3 of our most popular titles relating to the issue of child custody and domestic violence.  All three programs were created by Garland Waller.  Save over 15% off the regular price ($354.90)!  

Titles included in the package:

No Way Out But One is the story of Holly Collins who became an international fugitive in 1994 when she grabbed her three children and went on the run. A family court in Minnesota had ignored Holly's charges, her broken nose, the children's pleas, her son's fractured skull, and other medical evidence of domestic violence. The court gave full custody of two of her children to Holly's ex-husband, and it was at that point that Holly realized that she and the children had No Way Out But One.

In what has become an incredible saga, Holly eventually fled the United States, and became the first U. S. citizen to be granted asylum by the government of Netherlands. Program Length:60 Minutes

Small Justice: Little Justice in America's Courts This program explores the family court system which routinely takes children away from the protective parent and puts them in the care of the person the children have named as their abuser. It describes how fathers use and sacrifice their children in order to control and punish the mothers, and how the courts, often unwittingly, help those men. By following the stories of three dedicated women and their lawyers the program exposes a systematic legal failure to protect those who need protection the most.  Program Length: 56 Minutes

Debating Richard Gardner is designed to stimulate discussion and to help experts understand the controversy surrounding "Parental Alienation Syndrome," a theory invented by Dr. Richard Gardner that is misleading at best, and dangerous and damaging at worst.

The video features an interview with Dr. Gardner, completed a few years before he committed suicide and clips from a television interview program, featuring Waller and Dr. Joy Silberg of The Leadership Council. Cutting back a forth between Gardner and the studio , viewers can see for themselves that Gardner's arguments are not only flawed, but extremely harmful to children and the protective parent, whether mother or father, who has raised the issue of possible sexual abuse. Program Length: 30 Minutes




Comprehensive Guides included.

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