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Children and Domestic Violence Educational Package.
A collection of our popular titles relating to children and domestic violence.
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86 minutes.
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Children and Domestic Violence Educational Package

This special Educational Package contains 3 of our most popular titles relating to the issue of childhood trauma and domestic violence.  Save over 20% off the regular price ($328.90)!

Included in the Children an Domestic Violence Educational Package:

Safety Planning With Children contains basic information for those children living in families where there is domestic violence. The program can help domestic violence shelter programs train new and current employees so they can develop the knowledge and skills necessary to create effective safety plans with children. The accompanying discussion guide provides additional information, including activities for use in shelter settings and a list of resources children's advocates have found helpful.  Program Length: 32 Minutes

You're Hurting Me, Too! examines both the long and short term effects of domestic violence on children. Experts reveal that children who witness violence may be more at risk to commit suicide, engage in delinquent behavior as adults, and grow up to become victims or abusers themselves. This program stresses the importance of providing counseling for children and the difficulties children face in the legal system. Program Length: 24 Minutes


Wounds that Won't Heal: The Adverse Childhood Experience Study  This 30-Minute DVD looks at the ground breaking study of 17,000 patients,  who were surveyed about the abuse they had experienced in childhood, including living in a home with domestic violence, experiencing emotional, physical or sexual abuse as a child, having an alcoholic or drug-addicted parent, having a mentally ill family member, having an imprisoned parent, and experiencing neglect. The study found that having adverse childhood experiences was surprisingly common, and that these experiences had a profound effect on the participant's adult health. These adverse experiences, though well concealed, had an extremely strong influence on adult health and well-being a half century later, and are a prime determinant of adult health status in the United States.   Program Length: 30 Minutes



Study Guides included.


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