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Childhood Nutrition: Preventing Obesity - A Two Volume Set.
A program to help parents get their children off to a health start in life.
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51 minutes.
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Childhood Nutrition: Preventing Obesity - A Two Volume Set

This newly updated programgives parents and caregivers the tools they need to make the best nutritional choices for children, starting at birth. It conveys a powerful message - what and how we feed our children matters, and instilling healthy eating habits early in childhood can help prevent obesity in later life.

Also available in Spanish.

Programs include:

Volume 1 - "Feeding Your Baby - Birth to Age 1"

Topics include:


  • Breast milk and Formula - benefits of breast feeding, hunger and satiation cues, bonding, safe formula feeding.
  • Starting Solids - signs of being ready for solids, iron-rich first foods, age appropriate portion sizes and food textures.
  • Baby Food Basics - common first foods, food allergies, safe baby food preparation, feeding routines.
  • Self Feeding - introducing finger foods, avoiding extra fats and added sugars and salts, choking hazards. 
  • Family Meals - tips for eating together as a family, active playtime, screen time recommendations.
  • Volume 2 - "Young Children Eating Right - (Ages 1 to 5)"
  • Variety - USDA's "My Plate" appropriate portion sizes, healthy snack ideas, limiting juice, unhealthy fats, avoiding choking hazards.
  • Reduce Mealtime Conflicts - eating routines, tips for choosy eaters, offering choices, not forcing or withholding food.
  • Food Adventures - shopping together, "Nutrition Fact" labels, cooking together, family meals , messy eating, fun food ideas. 
  • Healthy Habits - active playtime, limiting screen time, healthy fast-food choices, easy homemade meals.




Learning Guide included.

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