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Deluxe Bullying Prevention Package.
A collection of 4 popular anti-bullying programs.
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92 minutes.
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Deluxe Bullying Prevention Package

We have put together 4 of our popular bullying prevention titles.  Save big when you buy all 4 titles!

Included in the package:

Hating Tami: A look at Female Bullying  Angela and her friends take every opportunity to make Tami's life miserable, even using a social networking site to pose as a boy interested in Tami. We are also introduced to Tami and Angela's respective parents, who providing clues to their daughters' behavior and their own life stressors. Tami's hyper-competitive parents continually pressure their "A"-student daughter to be the best at everything, and Angela's single mom appears more interested in being her daughter's best friend than in being her parent. In addition, Ms. Hutchinson, a sympathetic teacher has been attempting to reach out to Tami, but finds her reluctant to open up. In a dramatic turn of events, Angela's cruel prank is uncovered - but is it too late? Program Length: 26 Minutes 

Ghosts in the Hall focuses on teen bullying and the tragedies which can occur when parents, as well as their teens, label one another unfairly. Jim has reached the point of violence after being the victim of incessant bullying, but, unfortunately, his family is not able to help him cope with his problems, and things get progressively worse. Program Length: 20 Minutes

Gum In My Hair 2.0 looks at what bullying is, its effects on people and how it makes them feel. Gum In My Hair 2.0 is a new way to deal with an old topic, and will be invaluable to anyone wanting to help children learn in a safe and supportive environment.

Used successfully for the past ten years by thousands of schools across the country, Gum in my Hair has been updated with:

  • More emphasis on the "bystander's" role in bullying
  • New research that focuses on bullying behavior rather than bullies
  • All new interviews with acclaimed sociologists and pediatricians specializing in anti-bullying strategies
  • And an updated list of techniques for preventing bullying incidents

Despite the new content, Gum in my Hair still maintains the fast-paced, positive energy that made the original video such a hit with kids ages 9-14.

This new program also has either English or Spanish subtitles and special features, including extended interviews. Program Length: 20 Minutes


The Wild Wild Web: Young people today are the first generation having to cope with cyber bullying, an insidious form of harassment that can take many forms:

  • A bashing website where students are asked to vote for the fattest or ugliest kid
  • A student posing as a classmate and sending embarrassing emails
  • A group sending 100′s of coordinated texts to a victim resulting in excessive phone charges
  • An anonymous death threat sent via email.

The tactics used by the cyber bully are only limited by his or her imagination and their access to technology.

And cyber bullying is often times more devastating than traditional school yard bullying, because it's often anonymous and it can follow the victim anywhere. Even at home they don't feel safe. Program Length: 26 Minutes



Study Guides included.

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