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Body-Orientated Therapy Sessions.
A DVD Series Demonstrating Somatic Psychotherapy.
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179 minutes.
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Body-Orientated Therapy Sessions

In recent years, growing numbers of therapists working with military and others with PTSD have found that body-oriented approaches can be highly effective in helping clients to resolve traumatic experiences. This DVD series provides complete demonstration sessions in three body-oriented modalities: Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing, and Psycho-Physical Therapy. These programs are designed for clinicians who want to know more about the approaches discussed in our Body-Oriented Trauma Therapy series. Excerpts from these sessions are included in Body-Oriented Trauma Therapy II: Treatment Modalities.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy addresses the somatically-based symptoms of trauma through approaches that "uncouple" the traumatic events from their legacy in the form of intense feelings, bodily responses, and punitive cognitions. Somatic Experiencing is the gradual, resourced discharge of the highly compressed survival energies, accompanied by a "retrospective" completion of biological defensive and orienting responses that were frozen at the time of overwhelm. Psycho-Physical Therapy is the active engagement of the body as central to the psychotherapeutic process. The body is viewed as a primary vehicle for the therapeutic process, where psychological and physical interventions are continuously overlapping.

Presenters include Janina Fisher, Peter Levine, and Bill Bowen.


This Series Includes the Following DVDS:

Body-Oriented Therapy Sessions I: Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

In this 39 minute session, Janina Fisher works with a woman on her reactions to being told "no." They explore feelings of immobilization, setting limits, the role of mindfulness, and integrating shifts back into the real world.

Contents Include:

  • Statement Of The Conflict
  • Exploring Feelings Around the Conflict
  • Exploring the Movements Around the Conflict - Mindfulness
  • Mobilizing the Body
  • Experimenting With New Movement
  • Transformation - Deepening the Response
  • Getting Resources - Extending the Response
  • New Goal and New Movement
  • Practicing

Body-Oriented Therapy Sessions II: Somatic Experiencing

In this 55 minute program Peter Levine helps a woman process her complex physical and emotional reactions to an automobile accident. In the process, he uncovers an earlier near-drowning experience.

Contents Include

  • Focusing on the Body - Working in Small Amounts
  • Working With the Breath
  • Working With Premonition of Accident
  • Working With Being Asleep During the Trauma
  • Working With the Moment of Impact
  • Accessing Power in the Body
  • Accessing a Previous Trauma
  • Returning to the Here and Now

Body-Oriented Therapy Sessions III: Psycho-Physical Therapy

Bill Bowen in this 85 minute program works with a man on relationship difficulties that are rooted in early traumatic experiences. They explore impulses for self-protection, coping with anger and aggressions, feelings of chest constriction, and building internal resources.

Contents Include:

  • Assessing the Client Physically and Psychologically
  • Clarifying and Refining Therapeutic Goals
  • Hands-on Work and Somatic Education
  • Deep Trauma Work
  • Building Psycho-Physical Resources
  • Moving to the Table - Deepening Somatic Awareness and Resources
  • Integrating Resources


Includes 74 page Trainer's Guide

The guide includes a summary of the program content, biographical information on the presenters, reproducible viewer handouts, a resource list, and annotated transcripts of the therapy sessions.


I. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (annotated)

II. Somatic Experiencing

III. Psycho-Physical Therapy (annotated)



74 Page Trainer's Guide included.

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