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Body-Orientated Trauma Therapy I: Clinical Perspectives.
Part of the DVD Series on Somatic Psychotherapy.
Item No.: BO04
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45 minutes.
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Body-Orientated Trauma Therapy I: Clinical Perspectives

This 45 minute video examines the nature of trauma and its long-term effects, including recent research.

  • Topics Include: Trauma and the Fight-Flight-Freeze System
  • Trauma Memory Is Not Cognitive
  • Intervening on a Body Level
  • Body-Oriented Therapy
  • Safety During Therapy Sessions
  • Developing Mindfulness and Other Resources
  • Window of Tolerance, Boundaries, and Touch
  • Pleasure and Joy

Over the past several years, many therapists working with military and other PTSD survivors have found that helping clients to identify where and how they hold trauma in their body and helping them to release it can be far more effective than traditional talk therapy alone. They've learned that somatic approaches can help trauma survivors to befriend their body, which they so often have come to see as the enemy.

In this three-part series, researchers and clinicians share their perspectives on the nature of trauma, including recent research on heart rate variability and the role of the social engagement system. They describe trauma's impact on mind and body, and the most effective tools for helping clients heal. Presenters demonstrate a variety of somatic techniques in excerpts from model therapy sessions. Body-oriented practices such as yoga and Impact Model Mugging are discussed, and ways of working with at-risk children and survivors of war and natural disasters are shown.

Presenters include Bessel van der Kolk, Peter Levine, Pat Ogden, Bill Bowen, Janina Fisher, and Stephen Porges.



Trainer's Guide included.

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