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Behind the Screens: Internet and Technology Dangers .
An updated version of the orignal program about dangers of the internet.
Item No.: BE06
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26 minutes.
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Behind the Screens: Internet and Technology Dangers

This new updated DVD features 2 programs on one DVD. 

The new program looks at the issue of technology and how young people use modern technology and some of the risks involved.

Topics discussed in the new program include:

  • Sexting
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Law Enforcement 
  • Bystander Intervention     
This new segment is excellent for parents, teachers and adults who work with young people.

Here's the description of the original "Behind the Screens," which is also included:

Katie met a man in a teen chat room when she was thirteen. He claimed to be a young college student. They talked for months and she was confident that she knew him well. He gave her the attention and compliments she craved as a lonely and self-conscious teenager. She agreed to meet him at a hotel where she made a frightening discovery-she had been conversing with a forty-one year old pedophile. In addition to dealing with the aftermath of being molested, she was re-traumatized by a community who did not understand her anguish and has since written a book about her experience entitled Katie.com.

Dani met a predator online when she was thirteen. She received an instant message from someone who said he knew her from elementary school. They e-mailed each other for several months. One day the FBI came to her home and told her that she had been communicating with a pedophile, and that she would have likely been his next victim. Dani and her mom had taken precautions such as using filtering software and avoiding chat rooms, but they were still fooled.

The lessons from these stories can help unsuspecting young people avoid the potential negative aspects of this technology.




Please click here for the VHS version of the original program.

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