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A View from the Shadows Series.
Four program series on child abuse includes 3 programs in English and one in Spanish.
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86 minutes.
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A View from the Shadows Series

Volume 1 looks at child sexual abuse through interviews with incarcerated sex offenders, national experts on the subject of child sexual abuse and adult survivors. It will spark discussion and raise questions on what can be done to reduce victimization.

Volume 2 offers a glimpse of the dynamics associated with child sexual abuse. Through interviews with sex offenders who have participated in a prison program, experts on the subject, and especially with a family trying to reunify after sex abuse has occurred in the family, questions are raised about what to do about sex offenders and how to best rehabilitate them to reduce further victimization. This video also discusses the controversial issue of attempts to "reintroduce" sexual offenders back into the home.

Volume 3 featuring Cordelia Anderson, national expert on child sex abuse, speaks to parents and caretakers who want to know how to deal with the abuse and how to talk to their children about it. Children who have been abused speak about their experiences, and two families who were involved share their stories, and offer insight into the abuse that happened in their families.

In Volume 4, Carmen and Soledad were both sexually abused as children by family members. Now, as adults, they share their stories.

Gabriella, a therapist with the Nashville Child Advocacy Center, talks about tactics offenders use with victims, how abuse can be prevented, why children don't tell, and the healing process.

Mary, an attorney and Hispanic advocate, discusses why the Hispanic community is hesitant to report child abuse. She emphasizes that reporting is important, and encourages viewers to learn about their local laws so they will be able to get help for both the victim and offender.

"Rich kinship and solidarity networks constitute one of the greatest assets of Hispanic culture. These elaborate and close relationships among relatives, friends and neighbors, coupled with a prevalent cultural censorship on topics on sex or sexuality, present the urgent challenge of raising awareness and educating Latino parents about child sexual abuse in a culturally competent way. This video is a valuable resource that will help Latino parents understand how to prevent child sexual abuse, how to recognize the signs and how to intervene appropriately." R. Soto, Conexión Américas.


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