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Internet Safety. These thought provoking programs are designed to keep children safe and adults informed about safety on the Internet.
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26 minutes.
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Complete Collection of Internet Safety Titles. Click on a title for more details:

Title Media Length Price
Behind the Screens: Internet and Technology Dangers  
An updated version of the orignal program about dangers of the internet
DVD 26 min. $98.00
Communication in a Wired World: Be Smart, Be Safe 
A new program about using technology safely
DVD 20 min. $99.00
Cyber-Smarts for Parents 
A new program to help parents understand the internet and modern communication technology
DVD 60 min. $99.99
Cyber-Smarts for School Administrators 
A new training program for School Administrators the internet and other technology
DVD 60 min. $99.99
Cyber-Smarts for Students 
A new training program for students about the internet and other technology
DVD 60 min. $99.99
Cyber-Smarts for Teachers 
A training program to help acquaint teachers with modern technology that students use
DVD 60 min. $99.99
Cyber-Smarts Package 
The complete four-part Cyber-Smarts program
DVD 60 min. $319.99
Digital Blackout 
A high school experiments with disengaging from social media for one week
DVD 30 min. $99.95
Edge Street: Turn the Road 
A new Maple Ave program about the dangers of distracted driving
DVD 18 min. $79.95
Especially for PK-12 Schools  
Part of the Technology Related Sexual Misconduct Training Series
DVD 60 min. $89.99
Generation Cyberbully: Bullying Without Borders 
Learn specific forms of cyberbullying, their effects, and how to deal with and prevent them
DVD 45 min. $149.00
Sexual Misconduct and Alcohol Prevention Package for High School 
Three popular programs dealing with sexual misconduct and alcohol prevention
DVD 100 min. $319.99
Technology & Cyber-Dangers 
Part of the Total Student Wellness Seminar Series by Campus Outreach Services
DVD 75 min. $49.99
The Realities of Sexting: You Can't Unsend 
Teaches students and educators what actions are defined as
DVD 39 min. $149.00
The Wisdom of Girls: Teens, Sex & Truth 
Teen girls talk about the realities and consequences of relationship sex
DVD 36 min. $59.00

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