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Domestic Violence. Intermedia distributes some of the most popular domestic violence videos in the country.
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A new program about the impact of Domestic Violence on Children.
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50 minutes.
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Complete Collection of Domestic Violence Titles. Click on a title for more details:

Title Media Length Price
!Ya No Mas! 
Spanish language program examines domestic violence in seven different families
DVD 28 min. $99.95
A Life Without Fear 
English language Domestic Violence video about DV in the South East Asian community
DVD 27 min. $79.00
A Mother Never Gives Up Hope: Older Mothers and Abusive Adult Sons 
Elder abuse surivors tell their stories
DVD 42 min. $169.00
Alcohol and Men's Violence Against Women 
Examines the myth that alcohol causes men to be violent towards women
DVD 30 min. $99.00
Batterers Will Kill 
Recognize the warning signs that exist prior to the occurrence of homicide
DVD 24 min. $99.00
Body-Orientated Therapy Sessions 
A DVD Series Demonstrating Somatic Psychotherapy
DVD 179 min. $100.00
Body-Orientated Trauma Therapy I: Clinical Perspectives 
Part of the DVD Series on Somatic Psychotherapy
DVD 45 min. $125.00
Body-Orientated Trauma Therapy II: Treatment Modalities 
Part of the DVD Series on Somatic Psychotherapy
DVD 52 min. $125.00
Body-Orientated Trauma Therapy III: Children and Groups 
Part of the DVD Series on Somatic Psychotherapy
DVD 45 min. $125.00
Body-Orientated Trauma Therapy: 3-Part Series 
A DVD Series on Somatic Psychotherapy
DVD 141 min. $295.00
Breaking Point 
An abuser discusses how she victimized her invalid mother
DVD 20 min. $119.00
Calling Home: A Collaboration to Protect the Elderly 
A combination drama and documentary about the issue of elder abuse
DVD 36 min. $119.95
Child Custody and the Courts Training Package 
A collection of our popular titles relating to battered women and child custody cases
DVD 146 min. $299.95
Childhood Trauma: A Parent's Guide 
Part of the Understanding Childhood Trauma Series
DVD 39 min. $99.00
Children and Domestic Violence Educational Package 
A collection of our popular titles relating to children and domestic violence
DVD 86 min. $259.00
Code of Silence: Officer-Involved Domestic Violence 
A program about domestic violence committed by law enforcement personnel.
DVD 17 min. $99.00
Compassion - Batterers Treatment 
Training video for participants of the HEALS batterers treatment program
DVD 10 min. $99.00
Debating Richard Gardner  
A program designed to stimulate discussion and to help experts understand the controversy surrounding Parental Alienation Syndrome
DVD 30 min. $59.95
Debating Richard Gardner Personal Version 
A Personal Version of Debating Richard Gardner
DVD 30 min. $49.95
Domestic Violence & Childhood Trauma 
Part of the Understanding Childhood Trauma Series
DVD 29 min. $99.00
Domestic Violence: Danger Assessment & Safety Planning 
A comprehensive training program about domestic violence
DVD 72 min. $69.00
Domestic/Elder Abuse 
A look at the isuue of domestic violence and elder specific to healthcare
DVD 36 min. $325.00
Echoes of Change  
The emotional, spritual, and psychological journeys of women who leave abusive relationships
DVD 7 min. $49.00
Elder Abuse: Five Case Studies 
Eder Abuse from the perspectives of five different victims
DVD 40 min. $189.99
Escape the Abuse 
Our best-selling program about how to leave an abusive relationship
DVD 20 min. $59.00
Every 15 Seconds: A Video About Family Violence 
A domestic violence program designed for military personnel
DVD 21 min. $79.00
Facing Diversity: Responding to Violence Against Women from Diverse Cultures 
Examines domestic violence from the perspective of different cultures
DVD 40 min. $79.00
Family Court Crisis: Our Children at Risk 
Family Court video
DVD 42 min. $79.00
Hostages at Home 
An excellent Domestic Violence awareness program
DVD 52 min. $59.00
I'd Rather Be Home 
Examines important issues central to dealing with elder abuse cases
DVD 30 min. $189.99
Just to Have a Peaceful Life 
A powerful story of one woman's experience of domestic abuse
DVD 10 min. $119.00
La Guerra En Casa  
A new Spanish DVD with English Subtitles about Domestic Violence
DVD 19 min. $99.00
Love You To Death 
A program about abusive relationships
DVD 35 min. $189.99
Love's Not Supposed to Hurt: Dating Violence 
An interactive program about dating violence
DVD 30 min. $99.95
Martha's Story: A Lifetime of Walking on Eggshells 
A compelling story of a woman's struggle to free herself from a lifetime of domestic abuse
DVD 15 min. $159.00
Mending Spirits  
Shows the emotional, spiritual and psychological jouneys of women who leave abusive relationships
DVD 58 min. $189.95
My Girlfriend Did It 
Explores the issue of same sex partner violence between women
DVD 40 min. $150.00
No Way Out But One 
A powerful program about family courts and custody
DVD 60 min. $129.00
No Way Out But One - Legal Perspectives 
Examines the legal issues family courts and custody
DVD 85 min. $129.00
No Way Out But One - Personal Version 
A new documentary about family courts and custody by the makers of Small Justice
DVD 60 min. $29.95
No Way Out But One (Short Version) 
A 37 minute version of the powerful documentary
DVD 37 min. $149.00
Recognizing and Escaping Teen Dating Violence 
A powerful new problem about Teen Dating Violence
DVD 23 min. $229.95
SAFE: Inside a Battered Women's Shelter 
Program on domestic violence narrated by Susan Sarandon
DVD 49 min. $79.00
Safety First 
Dramatic video about the importance of domestic violence protection orders
DVD 15 min. $79.00
Safety First (Primero Protejase) 
Spanish language dramatic video about the importance of domestic violence protection orders
DVD 15 min. $79.00
Safety Planning with Children 
Training program for professionals working with children witnessing family violence
DVD 32 min. $79.00
Serving the Victim of Elder Abuse: A Multidisciplinary Approach 
People from different disciplines discuss how they respond to elder abuse
DVD 21 min. $165.00
Shadows of the Heart 
Treatment preparation program for domestic violence abusers
DVD 20 min. $69.00
Small Justice 30 Minute Version 
A 30-Minute version of our award winning program.
DVD 30 min. $99.95
Small Justice: Little Justice in America's Courts 
An award winning documentary about the family court system
DVD 60 min. $99.95
Small Justice: Little Justice In America's Family Courts (Personal Edition) 
Exposes the systematic legal failure of the family court system to protect children
DVD 56 min. $29.95
Stepping into Latino Realities 
For professionals seeking to relate effectively with Latino communities and understand issues facing battered Latinas and their children.
DVD 25 min. $99.95
Successful Trauma Therapies 
This 2-part program examines elements used in successful trauma therapies
DVD 86 min. $250.00
This animated video presents domestic violence in a different perspective
DVD 16 min. $59.00
Telling Amy's Story  
A program that examines the events surrounding a domestic violence homicide
DVD 57 min. $74.95
Telling Amy's Story: Training Package 
The comprehensive training version of Telling Amy's Story
DVD 57 min. $174.95
The Ace Study: Childhood Trauma and Adult Health 
A ground breaking program that examines the longterm consequences of childhood trauma
DVD 89 min. $225.00
The Golden Years: A Glimpse into the Hidden Problem of Elder Abuse 
Short, powerful program about the subject of elder abuse
DVD 5 min. $49.95
The Hurting: Cutting for Relief 
Part of the Award-Winning Maple Ave Series, this program looks at the issue of self mutilation
DVD 20 min. $79.95
The Savage Cycle 
Emotional examination of domestic violence from a victim's perspective
DVD 30 min. $69.00
The Savage Man 
Explores the roles of domestic violence from the abuser's perspective
DVD 30 min. $69.00
The Troubling Cycle 
Examination of domestic violence in the Vietnamese community
DVD 22 min. $49.95
There's No Place Like Home: Growing Up with Family Violence 
A new program about the impact of Domestic Violence on Children.
DVD 50 min. $99.00
Trauma and Substance Abuse 
Examines the correlation between substance abuse and a history of trauma
DVD 86 min. $250.00
Understanding Childhood Trauma Set 
An 8-part series of programs that examines childhood trauma
DVD 242 min. $629.00
Vicarious Trauma: Working with Trauma Survivors 
A Training CD-Rom for Professionals about Vicarious Traumatization
CD-ROM n/a $69.00
Voices of Survivors: Victims of Violent Crimes Speak Out 
Survivors share their stories about life after violent crimes
DVD 39 min. $99.95
When Boundaries are Crossed: Recognizing & Preventing Emotional Child Abuse 
Part of a new series on child abuse
DVD 26 min. $109.00
When Domestic Violence Comes to Work  
Training program for both employees and managers about the impact of domestic violence in the workplace
DVD 60 min. $129.00
When Domestic Violence Comes to Work (short version) 
11 minute condensed version of When Domestic Violence Comes to Work 2000
DVD 11 min. $79.00
When Help Was There: Four Stories of Elder Abuse 
Looks at elder abuse from diverse cultures
DVD 19 min. $169.00
When Injuries Speak, Who Will Listen? A Healthcare Response to Domestic Violence 
Training program for healthcare workers about identifying domestic violence
DVD 32 min. $99.00
Wounds That Won't Heal: The Adverse Childhood Experience Study 
A 30 Munute Summary of the complrehensive ACE Study Serries
DVD 30 min. $39.95
You're Hurting Me Too! 
Our best-selling program about domestic violence and its effect on children
DVD 24 min. $69.00

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