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It's A Female Thing

It's A Female Thing is a gender awareness video documenting the story of 21 girls and women ages 8 to 91 who gathered together to create, perform, and tour the Growing Up Female theater piece about their personal and ... more »

DVD 27 min. $99.00 $69.00 3/31/2019
Alcohol and Men's Violence Against Women

This new 30 minute documentary is based on research which explores and shatters the myth that violence against women is due to men's alcohol abuse. It conveys the strong message ... more »

DVD 30 min. $189.00 $99.00 3/31/2019
Defending Yourself: Bullying, Teasing, and Putdowns

Defending Yourself: Bullying, Teasing & Put-Downs poses important questions about bullies and their victims, while also offering children positive suggestions on how to resolve bullying behavior in safe yet ... more »

DVD 22 min. $189.00 $79.95 3/31/2019
Gum In My Hair 2.0

Gum In My Hair 2.0 looks at what bullying is, its effects on people and how it makes them feel. Gum In My Hair 2.0 is a new way to deal with an old topic, and will be invaluable to anyone ... more »

DVD 20 min. $89.95 $79.95 3/31/2019
The Wild Wild Web
Young people today are the first generation having to cope with cyber bullying, an insidious form of harassment that can take many forms:

- A bashing website where students are asked to vote for the fattest or ugliest kid;
- A student posing ... more »

DVD 26 min. $89.00 $79.95 3/31/2019
Child Abuse
Abused Kids: See It! Stop It!

A new, award-winning video for any professionals who come into contact with children, Abused Kids: See It! Stop It! provides a thorough examination of the warning signs of child abuse for ... more »

DVD 24 min. $189.00 $139.00 3/31/2019
Boys and Men Healing from Child Sexual Abuse

Boys and Men Healing is a documentary about the impact sexual abuse of boys has on both the individual and society, and the importance of healing and the speaking out of survivors to end the devastating effects of abuse. ... more »

DVD 58 min. $99.00 $149.00 3/31/2019
Childhood Lost

This powerful and graphic 30-minute documentary examines the devastating effects of physical, emotional, and sexual child abuse. In this gripping documentary, both survivors and abusers tell their personal stories and their efforts to heal ... more »

DVD 30 min. $189.00 $69.00 3/31/2019
Debating Richard Gardner
This new program from Garland Waller, the producer of the award-winning Small Justice: Little Justice in America's Family Courts, is designed to stimulate discussion and to help experts understand ... more »
DVD 30 min. $149.95 $69.95 3/31/2019
Family Court Crisis: Our Children at Risk

This compelling documentary addresses the systemic breakdown of our family courts that occurs when the courts award custody of children to abusive and controlling parents, first articulated in the video more »

DVD 42 min. $189.00 $79.00 3/31/2019
Indicators of Child Sexual Abuse

Developed to give educators a clear picture about child sexual abuse and their role in reporting it to the proper authorities, Indicators of Child Sexual Abuse provides background information that will allow educators ... more »

DVD 20 min. $149.00 $49.00 3/31/2019
No Way Out But One - Legal Perspectives

The Legal Version of "No Way Out But One" is a video compilation, designed to stimulate ... more »

DVD 85 min. $229.00 $129.00 3/31/2019
Reporting Child Abuse: A Personal Responsibility
This 28 minute video explains the child abuse reporting laws affecting teachers, and health and public safety professionals. Reporting Child Abuse defines who is a mandated reporter and describes what constitutes possible abuse and how to report it. ... more »
DVD 28 min. $189.00 $79.00 3/31/2019
Reporting Child Abuse: A Personal Responsibility (California Version)

This 28 minute video explains the child abuse reporting laws affecting teachers, and health and public safety professionals. Reporting Child Abuse defines who is a mandated reporter and describes what constitutes ... more »

DVD 28 min. $189.00 $79.00 3/31/2019
Small Justice: Little Justice in America's Courts
Fathers who battered the mother are twice as likely to seek sole custody of their children as are non-violent fathers.
-American Psychological Association

This program explores the family court system which routinely takes ... more »

DVD 60 min. $189.00 $79.00 3/31/2019
Through the Eyes of a Child

Child protection personnel, social workers, and police officers often must deal with the extremely difficult task of removing a child from a dangerous home. This process may be one of the most traumatic experiences in a child's life, and this ... more »

DVD 22 min. $189.00 $59.00 3/31/2019
Club Drugs
Date Rape Drugs: What You Need to Know

Drug-facilitated rape has become a growing and persistent problem across North America. Date rape drugs are easily disguised in alcoholic drinks presented in a social or party situation. The rapist is often someone the victim has just met or ... more »

DVD 22 min. $189.00 $79.95 3/31/2019
Ecstasy - The E Street Blues

This powerful new video looks at the fast-growing problem of Ecstasy use. It examines the ways that MDMA, the active ingredient in Ecstasy drug, affects the body physiologically, and explains why the symptoms of overheating, memory loss, ... more »

DVD 20 min. $189.00 $99.95 3/31/2019
Conflict / Violence
When Domestic Violence Comes to Work
In a survey of senior executives from Fortune 1000 companies, 66% agreed that a company's financial performance would benefit from addressing the issue of domestic violence among its employees, and 49% said that domestic ... more »
DVD 60 min. $695.00 $129.00 3/31/2019
When Domestic Violence Comes to Work (short version)

This program is an 11 minute condensed version of the full program. Many of our customers use this program in addition to the full program to use in situations where they may not have enough time to present the entire ... more »

DVD 11 min. $195.00 $79.00 3/31/2019
Carrie's Choice


This award-winning new program is the story of Carrie, a 37 year-old woman with a fulfilling career and loving husband who is about to give birth to her first child. The impending birth has Carrie thinking back to when she was 19 ... more »

DVD 24 min. $189.00 $49.95 3/31/2019

This five minute little gem is a hilarious animated segment using old World War II footage in an innovative way to inform general audiences on how to properly use a condom. The program shows how to use a condom without showing human anatomy, and ... more »

DVD 5 min. $98.00 $39.00 3/31/2019
Making It Work

In a teen group setting, teens talk openly about the five main points in developing and maintaining healthy teen dating relationships. Included are: finding the right relationship, right ways to start a relationship, resolving relationship ... more »

DVD 31 min. $99.00 $59.00 3/31/2019
Cultural Issues
A Life Without Fear

This educational docudrama is one of the first programs  to explore domestic violence specifically in the South Asian context. A fictionalized account raises the many challenges faced by immigrant survivors. This program video effectively ... more »

DVD 27 min. $120.00 $79.00 3/31/2019
Dating In The Hood

This video is an examination of dating violence from a multicultural youth perspective. The video defines relationship violence, and creates female affirmation. Participants will learn how to make a safety plan and how to get help from friends ... more »

DVD 22 min. $99.00 $59.95 3/31/2019
Facing Diversity: Responding to Violence Against Women from Diverse Cultures

Each year, millions of women immigrate to the United States and Canada who are victims of domestic violence in their former countries of residence, as well as their new homes in North America.

Facing Diversity ... more »

DVD 40 min. $189.00 $79.00 3/31/2019
Safety First (Primero Protejase)

Safety First provides an overview of steps domestic violence survivors can take to keep themselves and their children safe. Protection orders - what they are and where and how to get them, safety planning, ... more »

DVD 15 min. $189.00 $79.00 3/31/2019
The Troubling Cycle

Presented in Vietnamese with English subtitles, The Troubling Cycle, addresses domestic violence from the unique perspectives of Vietnamese immigrants in the United States.

The Troubling ... more »

DVD 22 min. $189.00 $49.95 3/31/2019
Dating Violence
Dangerous Games: Power and Control in Teen Dating Relationships

Dating violence is dangerous and even can be lethal. It is critical that teens and adults understand its dynamics, and this new program by the producers of the popular video, "In Love and In Danger", helps by identifying the controlling ... more »

DVD 30 min. $189.00 $99.00 3/31/2019
In Love and In Danger: Dating Violence

Featuring Barrie Levy, author of the book of the same title, this video is a compelling and informative look at the issue of teen dating violence. Emphasizing how stereotypes are formed and reinforced in early adolescence, more »

DVD 15 min. $189.00 $59.00 3/31/2019
Domestic Violence
!Ya No Mas!

!Ya No Mas! is a Spanish language video-based workshop about emotional and physical violence against women. Designed for use in self-help groups and public forums, the video workshop uses dramatic ... more »

DVD 28 min. $189.00 $79.00 3/31/2019
Batterers Will Kill
Intimate partner homicide is a far too common outcome of domestic violence. Often the warning signs are unknown, ignored, or not taken seriously. This gripping new video, Batterers Will Kill, was created to help both ... more »
DVD 24 min. $195.00 $99.00 3/31/2019
Code of Silence: Officer-Involved Domestic Violence

According to the National Center for Women and Policing, forty percent of America's law enforcement officers have used violence against their domestic partners.

This new program featuring Mark Wynn, twenty-year veteran ... more »

DVD 17 min. $189.00 $99.00 3/31/2019
Compassion - Batterers Treatment

A companion piece to Shadows of the Heart, Compassion models the emotional regulation technique known as HEALS. Made with professional actors, the video dramatizes how ... more »

DVD 10 min. $99.00 $99.00 3/31/2019
Domestic Violence: Danger Assessment & Safety Planning

This program is a valuable resource for police, prosecutors, probation officers, ... more »

DVD 72 min. $89.00 $69.00 3/31/2019
Escape the Abuse
Escape the Abuse is a practical "how-to" guide about "leaving smart". This program further examines the problem of domestic violence and offers guidance and support for women wishing to make different ... more »
DVD 20 min. $99.95 $59.00 3/31/2019
Every 15 Seconds: A Video About Family Violence

Developed with the assistance of soldiers and their families, Every 15 Seconds provides insight into the unique circumstances of military life and its ... more »

DVD 21 min. $250.00 $79.00 3/31/2019
Hostages at Home

This 52 minute video has been called the "Text-Book Video" on the subject of domestic violence. Easily adapted to any community awareness program or women's shelter, Hostages at ... more »

DVD 52 min. $99.95 $59.00 3/31/2019
SAFE: Inside a Battered Women's Shelter

Narrated by Susan Sarandon, this captivating program looks at women's lives after they have left their abusers and as they deal with the complex issues of separation, the legal system, the impact of domestic violence on their children and their ... more »

DVD 49 min. $189.00 $79.00 3/31/2019
Safety First

Safety First provides an overview of steps domestic violence survivors can take to keep themselves and their children safe. Protective orders - what they are and where and how to get them, safety planning, and ... more »

DVD 15 min. $189.00 $79.00 3/31/2019
Safety Planning with Children

This new video explores ways that children who have been traumatized by domestic violence can begin to gain a sense of personal power and control. Safety Planning with Children focuses on a child's own personal safety, ... more »

DVD 32 min. $189.00 $79.00 3/31/2019
Shadows of the Heart

Developed at the University of Maryland at Baltimore's School of Social Work, Shadows of the Heart is designed as treatment-preparation for spousal abusers. The purpose of the video is to prepare a resistant group of ... more »

DVD 20 min. $99.00 $69.00 3/31/2019

This compelling award-winning program uses powerful animated images to illustrate interviews of survivors of domestic violence and the counselors who work with them. The strong message and unique presentation allow the audience to hear and see ... more »

DVD 16 min. $99.00 $59.00 3/31/2019
The Savage Cycle

The "classic" domestic violence video, The Savage Cycle is a candid view of domestic violence told by men and women dealing with violence in relationships. Examining the issues of power and control, this ... more »

DVD 30 min. $189.00 $69.00 3/31/2019
The Savage Man

The Savage Man examines the issues of domestic violence from the male perspective. Exploring the issue of why men use violence to control relationships, this video is an excellent overview ... more »

DVD 30 min. $189.00 $69.00 3/31/2019
There's No Place Like Home: Growing Up with Family Violence

"If a child was on fire, you would run over and put him out. These kids are on fire and we just can't see it. That's what keeps the cycle going."

Annie, Children's Support Group ... more »

DVD 50 min. $189.00 $99.00 3/31/2019
Vicarious Trauma: Working with Trauma Survivors

In this educational CD-Rom, produced by April Gerlock, Ph.D. ARNP, you will be introduced to the phenomena commonly referred to as vicarious trauma (VT) or vicarious ... more »

CD-ROM n/a $99.00 $69.00 3/31/2019
Family Advocacy/DoD
I Never Thought It Was Rape
This compelling program highlights the consequences to the sexual assault perpetrator and raises awareness about sexual assault and its long-term impact on both survivors and ... more »
DVD 25 min. $189.00 $99.00 3/31/2019
It Was Rape

 "It Wasn't Bad Sex, It Wasn't a Mistake, It Wasn't My Fault - It Was Rape" is a new and very powerful film from Jennifer Baumgardner. Rape is wrong, illegal ... more »

DVD 45 min. $189.00 $99.00 3/31/2019
Playing The Game 2

Chris thought he had a terrific evening...  Jean thought she had been raped.  Whose perception is accurate?

Playing the Game 2, ... more »

DVD 12 min. $195.00 $129.00 3/31/2019
Responding To Rape

This video offers modern insight into the most unreported crime in the United States. Responding to Rape takes a progressive approach to rape, countering some of the attitudes and stereotypes towards it. This ... more »

DVD 30 min. $99.95 $59.00 3/31/2019
Rethink Rape

This new, evidence-informed program was created by a team of State University of New York professionals and students. The goal was to create an educational DVD to address ... more »

DVD 7 min. $99.00 $59.00 3/31/2019
Someone You Know
Across the United States women are being sexually assaulted and then blamed for it. Violence against women has been silenced for too long, and "Someone You Know" brings it out ... more »
DVD 20 min. $189.00 $79.00 3/31/2019
Use Your Strength: Mobilizing Young Men to Prevent Sexual & Dating Violence

Use Your Strength: Mobilizing Young Men to Prevent Sexual and Dating Violence, introduces Men Can Stop Rape's (MCSR) award-winning youth development programs to those interested in learning how young men can ... more »

DVD 34 min. $189.00 $79.00 3/31/2019
Gang Prevention
Gangs: Be Aware

Gangs: Be Aware profiles the stories of young men growing up in urban areas and the challenges they face. By explaining the reasons why young men join gangs, Gangs: Be Aware ways young men ... more »

DVD 24 min. $198.00 $49.00 3/31/2019
Life Skills
You're In the Picture: Stories of Teen Dads

"We were in love...we made love...but we weren't careful and now we have to face the consequences - we made a little kid between us, and now we have a big problem."

"Take responsibility - every kid needs a ... more »

DVD 23 min. $198.00 $49.00 3/31/2019
Rape / Sexual Assault
A Question of Rape

A Question of Rape is a unique, program that depicts the investigation and trial of an incident of date rape. It asks viewers to decide whether Jordan has committed rape against Brittany, and what the ... more »

DVD 30 min. $189.00 $79.00 3/31/2019
Acquaintance Rape

Acquaintance Rape addresses the most common form of sexual assault: rape by a friend. Acquaintance rape, or date rape, continues to occur, in part, because so many people are misinformed about this crime. Not only is ... more »

DVD 30 min. $189.00 $69.00 3/31/2019
FEAR: Rebecca's Story

Skillful use of still images and interviews creates an emotional and informative work based on personal narrative. Rebecca's Story provides viewers with tools necessary for coping; this isn't merely a rape recollection, it is an in-depth account ... more »

DVD 17 min. $99.00 $69.00 3/31/2019
La Confianza Perdida

La Confianza Perdida is a Spanish language program on date and acquaintance rape. The title, utilizing a double entendre on the word confianza, means both "loss of self confidence" and "loss of trust in ... more »

DVD 22 min. $189.00 $79.00 3/31/2019

An emotional account based upon true stories, Scars portrays survivors of sexual assault and abuse, molestation, incest, and date rape. Scars emphasizes the importance of counseling as a ... more »

DVD 22 min. $189.00 $59.00 3/31/2019

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