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Alcohol and Men's Violence Against Women

This new 30 minute documentary is based on research which explores and shatters the myth that violence against women is due to men's alcohol abuse. It conveys the strong message ... more »

DVD 30 min. $189.00 $169.00 6/30/2018
Child Abuse
Abused Kids: See It! Stop It!

A new, award-winning video for any professionals who come into contact with children, Abused Kids: See It! Stop It! provides a thorough examination of the warning signs of child abuse for ... more »

DVD 24 min. $189.00 $139.00 5/30/2018
Conflict / Violence
When Domestic Violence Comes to Work
In a survey of senior executives from Fortune 1000 companies, 66% agreed that a company's financial performance would benefit from addressing the issue of domestic violence among its employees, and 49% said that domestic ... more »
DVD 60 min. $695.00 $259.00 6/30/2018
Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence: Danger Assessment & Safety Planning

This program is a valuable resource for police, prosecutors, probation officers, ... more »

DVD 72 min. $89.00 $69.00 5/30/2018
Safety Planning with Children

This new video explores ways that children who have been traumatized by domestic violence can begin to gain a sense of personal power and control. Safety Planning with Children focuses on a child's own personal safety, ... more »

DVD 32 min. $189.00 $99.95 5/30/2018

This compelling award-winning program uses powerful animated images to illustrate interviews of survivors of domestic violence and the counselors who work with them. The strong message and unique presentation allow the audience to hear and see ... more »

DVD 16 min. $99.00 $59.00 5/30/2018
The Savage Cycle

The "classic" domestic violence video, The Savage Cycle is a candid view of domestic violence told by men and women dealing with violence in relationships. Examining the issues of power and control, this ... more »

DVD 30 min. $189.00 $89.00 6/30/2018
The Savage Man

The Savage Man examines the issues of domestic violence from the male perspective. Exploring the issue of why men use violence to control relationships, this video is an excellent overview ... more »

DVD 30 min. $189.00 $89.00 6/30/2018
There's No Place Like Home: Growing Up with Family Violence

"If a child was on fire, you would run over and put him out. These kids are on fire and we just can't see it. That's what keeps the cycle going."

Annie, Children's Support Group ... more »

DVD 50 min. $189.00 $169.00 5/1/2018
Vicarious Trauma: Working with Trauma Survivors

In this educational CD-Rom, produced by April Gerlock, Ph.D. ARNP, you will be introduced to the phenomena commonly referred to as vicarious trauma (VT) or vicarious ... more »

CD-ROM n/a $99.00 $69.00 5/30/2018
When Injuries Speak, Who Will Listen? A Healthcare Response to Domestic Violence

When Injuries Speak, Who Will Listen: A Health Care Response to Domestic Violence is a new video for healthcare professionals about the challenges faced by medical personnel, and the solutions available to ... more »

DVD 32 min. $195.00 $149.00 5/30/2018
Family Advocacy/DoD
It Was Rape

 "It Wasn't Bad Sex, It Wasn't a Mistake, It Wasn't My Fault - It Was Rape" is a new and very powerful film from Jennifer Baumgardner. Rape is wrong, illegal ... more »

DVD 45 min. $189.00 $169.00 6/30/2018
Playing The Game 2

Chris thought he had a terrific evening...  Jean thought she had been raped.  Whose perception is accurate?

Playing the Game 2, ... more »

DVD 12 min. $195.00 $149.00 5/30/2018

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