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Child Abuse
Not Just Pictures
Not Just Pictures explores a horrific issue that most people would rather not even think about: Child Sexual Exploitation and Child Sexual Abuse Images. The Internet has ... more »
DVD 74 min. $199.00
The Spanking Debate

Does spanking work? What does it teach?

One parent contends "If it's good enough for my dad, it's good enough for me." Another ardently opposes spanking, believing "If we ... more »

DVD 17 min. $99.00
Rape / Sexual Assault
Acquaintance Rape: The Untold Truth

66% of rape survivors will be sexually assaulted by someone they know. Acquaintance rape is one of the most  misunderstood crimes in our country. The victim is often vilified and the offender ... more »

DVD 38 min. $149.00

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