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Many Intermedia programs include study guides when you purchase the program. For review purposes, Intermedia is please to offer some of our guides in PDF format for you to review prior to purchase. Please note that many of these PDF's are "locked" and can't be printed, as they are for review only, they are not licensed for training. If you wish to find out more information about a study guide for a program that is not available for PDF review, please contact your sales representative at (800)553-8336.

Pick a major category at left to view the Study Guides available for all titles within that category, alphabetized by title name.

If you do not have it, you will need the free Adobe Reader to view these files.

Workplace Titles Subcategory PDF
3 Steps to Ethical Decisions (TH18) Ethics Download
5 Values of GREAT Customer Service (GR01) Customer Service Download
5 Values of GREAT Customer Service in Spanish (Las 5 Regalas Del Gran Servicio Al Cliente) (LA03) Customer Service Download
A Manager's Guide (2 Program Series) (AM01) Management Download
Abrir las Puertas Correctas (AB02) Conflict / Violence Download
Age & Physical Ability Workplace Issues (AG01) Diversity Download
Beginning Employment Feedback (BE03) Leadership Download
Coaching & Performance Feedback Training Scenes (CO11) Leadership Download
Communicating in a Diversere World (CO14) Communication Download
C'omo defenderse de las golpes y las saetas (CO12) Management Download
Como prevenir el hostigamiento sexual (CO13) Sexual Harassment Download
Compliance is Just The Beginning (CO16) Ethics Download
Comunicándose en un mundo diverso (CO15) Communication Download
Conflict Resolution Training Scenes (CO10) Conflict / Violence Download
Derechos y responsabilidades (DE05) Sexual Harassment Download
Dialogue among Generations (DI09) Communication Download
Dialogue between Genders (DI08) Communication Download
Dialogue for Cultural Understanding (DI07) Communication Download
Dialogue Now You're Talking! (4-Part Series) (DI03) Communication Download
Diffusing Hostility - Customer Service Training Scenes (DI05) Conflict / Violence Download
Diffusing Hostility Through Customer Services (DI02) Conflict / Violence Download
Difundir Hostilidad con Servicio de Cliente (DI04) Conflict / Violence Download
Dirigir o no dirigir (DI06) Management Download
Diversity Training Scenes (TH13) Diversity Download
El Asunto Es El Respeto (EL03) Sexual Harassment Download
El Exito en el Trabajo (EL04) Employee Orientation Download
El liderazgo es… (EL05) Leadership Download
E-Mail Essentials (private sector) (EM02) Employee Orientation Download
E-Mail Essentials (public sector) (EM01) Employee Orientation Download
E-Mail Essentials Private Employee Version (EM06) Employee Orientation Download
E-Mail Essentials Private Management Version (EM05) Employee Orientation Download
E-Mail Essentials Public Employee Version (EM04) Employee Orientation Download
E-Mail Essentials Public Management Version (EM03) Employee Orientation Download
Ending Employment Relationships (EN01) Leadership Download
Escenas de capacitacion para asesoria y retroalimentacion del desempeno (ES03) Leadership Download
Ethical Situations to Consider (ET01) Ethics Download
Gender and Sexual Orientation Workplace Issues (GE01) Diversity Download
In Compliance (IN02) Leadership Download
Jefe como coche (JE01) Leadership Download
Le coaching au quotidien (LE13) Leadership Download
Le noureau millenair Portraits des dirigeants du 21eme siecle (LE12) Leadership Download
Le service client (Customer Service TS) (LE10) Spanish/Other Languages Download
Leadership is… (LE11) Leadership Download
Leading the Change (LE01) Workplace Change Download
Making the Change (Union or Non-Union) (MA02) Workplace Change Download
Management's New Responsibilities (MA01) Sexual Harassment Download
Managing Harmony (MA04) Conflict / Violence Download
Manejar la Armonia (MA10) Conflict / Violence Download
Millennium Coaching & Performance Feedback (MI04) Leadership Download
Millennium Leadership Capsules (7 program series) (MI02) Employee Orientation Download
On the Threshold of Change (ON01) Diversity Download
Opening the Right Doors (OP01) Customer Service Download
Ouvrir les bonnes portes (OU01) Conflict / Violence Download
PATTERNS - 3-part Sexual Harassment Prevention (PA05) Harassment Download
PATTERNS Training Scenes (PA06) Sexual Harassment Download
Preventing Sexual Harassment (employees) (PR06) Sexual Harassment Download
Providing Performance Feedback (PR03) Leadership Download
Race, Ethnicity, Language & Religion Workplace Issues (RA01) Diversity Download
Responding to Sexual Harassment (manager) (RE07) Sexual Harassment Download
Reussir dans son travail (RE08) Employee Orientation Download
Rights & Responsibilities (RI02) Sexual Harassment Download
Savoir Diriger Le Changements (SA12) Spanish/Other Languages Download
Subtle Sexual Harassment (2 part series) (SU02) Sexual Harassment Download
Subtle Sexual Harassment Training Scenes (SU07) Sexual Harassment Download
Succeeding at Work (SU04) Employee Orientation Download
Surviving the Slings & Arrows (SU06) Management Download
Taking Responsibility (TA03) Harassment Download
Tensions et conflicts (Conflict Management TS) (TE14) Conflict / Violence Download
The Diversity Series (4 part series) (TH02) Diversity Download
The Issue is Respect (TH03) Sexual Harassment Download
The Leader as Coach (TH15) Leadership Download
The Leader as Mentor (TH16) Leadership Download
The New Workplace (Non-Union) (TH05) Workplace Change Download
The New Workplace (Union) (TH04) Workplace Change Download
The Respecful Workplace Employee Relations Package (2 Programs) (TH14) Customer Service Download
The Respectful Workplace - Redefining WP Violence (3 Program Series) (TH07) Conflict / Violence Download
The Responsible Leader (TH11) Harassment Download
To Lead or Not to Lead (TO04) Management Download
Tomando la responsabilidad (TO03) Harassment Download
Trslizar el cambio (TR04) Spanish/Other Languages Download
Vivre et travailler ensemble (VI09) Diversity Download
When Domestic Violence Comes to Work  (WH02) Conflict / Violence Download
You CAN Stop Harassment (YO03) Conflict / Violence Download
You Can STOP Harassment - Training Scenes (YO04) Harassment Download

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