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Violence Prevention. Intermedia's selection of Violence Prevention titles includes programs for abusers, victims and award winning tools for professionals. Online clips and FREE 30-Day preivews are available for many of our titles.
Featured Titles
FEATURING: Gum In My Hair 2.0. An updated version of our bestselling anti-bullying program

FEATURING: Not Just Pictures. A powerful docunentary about trafficking child sexual abuse images on the internet

FEATURING: Telling Amy's Story . A program that examines the events surrounding a domestic violence homicide

FEATURING: La Guerra En Casa . A new Spanish DVD with English Subtitles about Domestic Violence

FEATURING: Loves Me Not: Dating Violence. A teen dating violence program from the award-winning Maple Ave series

FEATURING: There's No Place Like Home: Growing Up with Family Violence. A new program about the impact of Domestic Violence on Children.

FEATURING: Alcohol and Men's Violence Against Women. Examines the myth that alcohol causes men to be violent towards women

FEATURING: Dating In The Hood. Teenage dating violence from the perspective of inner city youth

FEATURING: When Injuries Speak, Who Will Listen? A Healthcare Response to Domestic Violence. Training program for healthcare workers about identifying domestic violence

FEATURING: The Wild Wild Web. Our critically acclaimed new program about cyber bullying

FEATURING: Code of Silence: Officer-Involved Domestic Violence. A program about domestic violence committed by law enforcement personnel.

FEATURING: ˇUbicate! Haz La Diferencia. A first-of-its-kind Spanish language short film by and for Latino youth

FEATURING: Speak Out and Stand Up: Raising Awareness About Sexual Assault. A new program, hosted by Kristen Stewart, to help raise awareness about Sexual Assault,

FEATURING: Sexual Harassment at School: Hostile Environments. Learn how to identify, prevent and respond to sexual harassment at school

FEATURING: La Guerra En Casa . A new Spanish DVD with English Subtitles about Domestic Violence

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